I am a Film and Instant Film photographer based in the Greater Bay Area of California. Shooting with classic cameras and film is a combination that is almost impossible to duplicate. 

I stumbled upon this magical medium while trying to find a creative outlet that properly conveyed the images in my mind. I tried drawing and painting, but they could never satisfy me in the way that film photography could and does. At the peak of being frustrated with not being able to execute my visions, I happened to come across images of classic Polaroid Pack Film cameras in photographs on a website for the sport of wakeskating (my other passion).

There was a company by the name of Cassette Wakeskates, which used the images of Polaroid cameras as their graphics. People had the actual cameras next to the board, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever! A few weeks later, I picked up my first two cameras, the Automatic 100 and 250 along with some accessories. Since that point, I have been completely obsessed with Instant and Film photography.

I consider my pictures to be my personal paintings; one-of-a-kind images that cannot be duplicated. This is why Instant Photography speaks so loudly to me. The classic bordered frame is my canvas, and the chemistry in the film is my medium. 

Spend some time with me, if only for just a moment...



Polaroid and Film Photography using films by The Impossible Project, Polaroid, and a assortment of 35mm, 120mm, and 220mm fresh and expired films.


SX-70 Alpha 1
SX-70 Model 2
SX-70 Sonar

Polaroid Pack Cameras

Automatic Land Camera 100
Automatic Land Camera 250
Automatic Land Camera 420


Pentax K1000
Canon Canonet QL17


Mamiya RB67 Pro-S + NPC III Instant Back
FPP Debonair

Specialty Cameras

The Impossible Project Instant Lab + iPhone 5